Our Goal

Our goal is to get our Dealers up and running quickly with profit starting on the very first sale. First, our new Dealers attend the  “Blueprint” training course at our Atlanta, GA corporate location. They leave with all the training, support and materials to get their new location set up and selling within weeks of signing up. 

With existing companies, integrating our products into their business can be an easier task but training the existing team demands we have a hands-on presence at their location to keep things moving. 

After start-up, the goal shifts towards growth in new business, profit and dominating the Dealers market. 

We only have one goal in mind. That’s for  our Dealers achieving financial success beyond what they every thought possible!

Tailored Solutions

America’s Best Choice Dealer Network Management Team customizes a tailored approach to each, and every individual situation based on our Dealers needs. 

Our evaluation begins at hello and continues as the Dealer grows and expands. We’re always looking for new and innovative products for our Dealers to offer that generate great revenue and profit. We’re experts and managing every aspect of the sales and marketing to drive new leads and business. 

We are also a valuable resource for production, operational and financial management support. Whatever our Dealers need, we tailor a solution to fit it and give them access to it from day one. 

For a Dealer with an existing business, a lot of these solutions spill over to help them manage everything they do better.

For us, it’s only about a solution for our Dealers success!

Join Our Team

There are two things we hear consistently from all our Dealers after they join America’s Best Choice Dealer Network. “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” and “I can’t believe everything I have access to for how little the Dealer fee was”. 

After joining our Network,  Dealers get up and running quickly and begin making a substantially better income than they ever did working for someone else. The reason? They have an entire well established corporate home improvement team dedicated to helping them from day one. 

Dealers see their success realized quickly.  Instead of debt, they are making a great living and are realizing their dream of successful business ownership. 

What a great reason to Join our team!

Success Stories

6 figures in sales my first month Starting my Home improvement business with Americas Best Choice was the "Best Choice" I could've made. With their help I have been able to skip ahead in the learning curve for starting any home remodeling business. Normally I would have to go through the early business struggles of making a name for myself, gain reviews, build a website, figure out marketing, find manufacturers, figure out who to hire and so much more. With the help of Dan, Marty and the Americas Best Choice Dealership team they have helped with all of that and so much more. Right off the bat I had an established company with a very direct marketing campaign that helped me do 6 figures in sales my first month. Since then we have been able to sell over half a million dollars worth of work in just our first 6 months. They helped me put together a million dollar business with ease and I couldn't thank them enough. I urge anyone that has ever thought about starting their own business to give Americas Best Choice a try and as long as they listen to Dan and Marty I know they will be successful.

Thanks for everything,
Austin Solze
Americas Best Choice of Columbus, OH.

Proven To Be Invaluable We have been working as an independent dealer with America’s best choice Dealer Network and America’s Best Choice Windows since 2011. Their contribution to our success has proven to be invaluable! Being part of the America’s best choice Dealer Network allows us to focus on our immediate business needs and requirements, while they take care of many of the time consuming background work that goes into running a successful business.

Success We've Had Speaks Volumes In short, America’s Best Choice Windows helps us be more successful by allowing us to focus more on our customers and growing our business while they take care of the behind the scenes details. Being able to give our customers and our business more attention has been key. Also, knowing that we have the additional support, should we need it, gives us peace of mind. America’s Best Choice is a great network to be a part of, and the success we have had speaks volumes to that!

Current and Relevant Website They take care of making sure we have an updated, current, and relevant website that we can optimize and update with specials and testimonials at any given time. We don’t have to worry about hiring a web designer or making changes to our website, it is all taken care of. They also have an online estimate form which makes getting new leads as easy as checking our email, which they also maintain and provide.

Cutting Edge With New products If we have a question or a situation where we are not sure what approach to take, someone is always there, day or night, to take our phone call and assist us in whatever way possible. Another benefit to being part of the America’s best choice Dealer Network is advertising. Whatever type of campaign we are running, be it television, print, etc. They provide all the digital proofs and promotional material we need. It is easy, simple, and most importantly fast to get anything we need. If a problem ever does arise with a product or shipping deadline, we know that any issue will be promptly rectified with being part of a larger more powerful buying network than we would be on our own. America's Best Choice Dealer Network stays on the cutting edge with new products on the market and doing the leg work needed to provide new innovations to our customers.

America's Best Choice

Network Management Team

America’s Best Choice is one of the fastest growing home improvement companies throughout the United States. Founded in 2010 by window industry veterans with over 12 decades of combined executive and management experience, we’re all here to help you and our Dealer Network succeed.

At America’s Best Choice, the Dealer management teams’ mission is to provide you and your customers with the best products, best value, and best service in the home improvement industry. Our industry professionals have partnered with leading manufacturers and vendors throughout the United States. These partnerships allow you direct access to the highest quality products and business tools. All at a fraction of the cost.

The Dealer Network management team’s there to support you in every aspect of your business and never more than a phone call or email away. 

At America’s Best Choice, we’re only as good as our Dealer Network. And our Dealer Network is AWESOME!

America's Best Choice

ABC License vs A Costly Franchise

A Home Improvement franchise can cost a new business owner $120,000 to $360,000 or more. Those costs are paid from savings or through high interest business loans. They must be paid in full before the new business can sell their first product. On top of that, franchisee’s pay monthly fees that add up quickly and never go away. According to national franchise statistics, it takes an average of 3 – 6 years to recoup that investment. 

As an America’s Best Choice Dealer, you’ll pay a simple low-cost “ONE TIME PAYMENT” License fee. The cost is determined by your location, market size and population. We never require any additional payments towards maintaining or renewing your license agreement. We believe in our Dealers keeping those hard-earned dollars in their pocket not ours.  In most cases you’ll recoup the License fee in as little as 3 – 6 months.

The Dealer License forms a partnership allowing you to be an independently owned location taking advantage of the America’s Best Choice Brand that’s recognized as one of the fastest growing home improvement companies in America.

The low cost of an America’s Best Choice Dealer License, greatly increases the chances that you will succeed and generate profit quickly!

America's Best Choice

Support For Profit & Growth

America’s Best Choice approach to growing our Dealer Network is supportive and proven to be successful. Your lower “ONE TIME PAYMENT” includes everything you’ll need to get up and running quickly. All the tools and resources a new business needs to startup that normally takes months and years to develop, you’ll have in the first week. 

The low cost of an America’s Best Choice Dealer License greatly decreases the amount of time it takes to begin generating profit. Your profit begins with the first sale. The outstanding support we provide allows you to focus your time and resources on growing your business. As a Dealer, growth begins on the first day. 

With the great support from the America’s Best Choice Dealer Network, profit and growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of working together!

America's Best Choice

Add To Your Existing Business

Whether you have an existing business in the home improvement industry or you are a home improvement sales or installation expert, America’s Best Choice Dealer Network is there to help you achieve your goals. We have locations within our Dealer Network that were already in business offering roofing, interior and exterior remodeling, handyman, and more. By added our programs they quickly grew their customer base and product offering while increasing their revenue and profit.

As an existing business that becomes an America’s Best Choice Licensed Dealer, you’ll gain access to much higher quality products far below your current pricing. You’ll also receive valuable support that can help apply what you’ve learned to your existing business. With the License, your existing business has full access to our Dealer Network and all that’s offered.

In many cases, we have programs and products that your business is currently offering. Replacing it with the America’s Best Choice Dealer Network will expand your customer base, increases your revenue while also increasing you overall profit. 

After all, that’s what being in business is all about. Taking great care of your customers and making a good profit while doing it!

America's Best Choice

Dealer Blueprint

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Blueprint is what we like to call our “Business in a Box” solution. Our Dealer Blueprint gets you up and running quickly, efficiently, and profitable from the start. 

Our valuable partnership starts off with your participation in the onboarding training class at our corporate office in Roswell, GA. At this comprehensive class you’ll learn how to manage your locations operations, sales, marketing, finance, and production. You’ll receive all the market specific documents and contracts needed to begin from day one like you’ve been in business for years. We’ve done all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what’s important. Your customers, your sales, and your profits.

With the America’s Best Choice Dealer Blueprint, teaching makes it all possible. To you our Dealer, what you learn opens all new possibilities!

America's Best Choice

Comprehensive Blueprint Training

In today’s competitive home improvement environment, gaining (and maintaining) a competitive advantage is challenging. The team at America’s Best Choice Dealer Network are constantly seeking new ways to innovate the buying experience based on customer demands and preferences. This includes all the dynamics of the internet and digital marketing that keeps all our sales teams on their toes.

To grow our Dealer Network, we ensure you, and your sales team are properly trained from day one. Then as needed, training is ongoing and continues as you grow your locations sales team. There’s never any cost for additional training and is our ongoing investment in you as our Dealer.

As a Dealer in our Network, you’ll access to the power of the America’s Best Choice Dealer Blueprint for you and your sales team. That power includes product specific sales training, techniques for lead generation and referrals, media, gorilla, and organic marketing programs.  For the entire process of sales and marketing, we provide you access to all the digital files used for operational, promotion and marketing materials and  customize them to your market’s location.

At America’s Best Choice Dealer Network, our training adds value to our Dealers. As a Dealer, you’ll add value to your customers!

America's Best Choice

Web Design & Marketing Services

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Network focus is to turn your website traffic into profit. We provide you with a very robust website specific to your market location that is easily found by your customers. Your location is also provided social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The Dealer website and social media platforms are your most effective marketing tools. Your customers use the internet to research and find solutions to their needs. As our Dealer, you are that solution.

The America’s Best Choice web design and marketing partner is made up of a team of individuals dedicated to providing your location the best website content and digital marketing possible. You are given direct access to our service partner to keep the content on the site up to date. Adding your current content and the partners continuous optimization is what creates authority in the Dealers local market and gets you the calls and leads that you need.

As an America’s Best Choice Deale, you’ll have access and guidance to dig deep into your local website analytics. This includes help identify what marketing strategies are working and where the efforts can be focused for better results. 

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Network website and social media is built on the premise that the people on the internet ask the questions. As our Dealer, you’ll answers them!

America's Best Choice

CRM Sales And Business Tools

As an America’s Best Choice Dealer, you customers are your top priority. No business exists without them. The way you manage your customers determines the success of your business. As our Dealer, you’ll have access to the latest CRM (customer relationship management) software in the business to do just that. 

Starting and maintaining a CRM system is costly and time consuming for any new business owner. As our Dealer, you’ll have access to a feature loaded and ready to use CRM system from day one. Your CRM will immediately provide all the information on tracking your leads, sales, customers workflow and documentation. Also included is digital management for customer financing, product ordering, vendor and production management along with integration for leading financial and accounting software. This keeps our dealers doing what’s important. Taking care of your customers and making sales.

The America’s Best Choice CRM sales and business tools are designed to improve and streamline our Dealers core business processes with one thing in mind. Find more customers and close more sales!

America's Best Choice

Marketing And Lead Generation

As an America’s Best Choice Dealer, lead generation is your number one priority and most important topic. Why? Because without leads, you’ll not have the opportunity to convert prospects into customers. Coming up with additional efforts for lead generation can be expensive, time consuming and difficult. It doesn’t need to be. With the help of the Dealer Network, you’ll have all the resources you can count on to be a lead generating machine.

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Blueprint is your training, strategy and game plan based on proven programs used successfully for over 30 years in the home improvement industry. We train and provide the marketing materials for our local and regional print, gorilla and organic marketing programs. This includes your access to our high-quality referral program and other specific approaches to gaining more qualified leads. More leads, more sales, more revenue, and more profit. 

As our Dealer you’ll quickly discover, we’re all in this together and we’re all in it to win it!

America's Best Choice

Samples, Displays, And Marketing Material

The cost for samples, displays and marketing materials can quickly escalate for any new business. Not with our Dealer Network. The America’s Best Choice Dealer Network gives you direct access to all our manufacturing partners samples, displays and marketing materials needed to increase your sales. In most cases there are little or no cost for materials and displays. 

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Network management team is always looking to the future when creating a high-end attractive marketing materials for our Dealers. From yard signs to door hangers and truck wraps. There’s a complete list of stock items that you’ll have access to. You’ll can also request our Dealer Network marketing team to customize them to your specific needs. 

The Dealer Network marketing team makes it easy for you with ready to go or customized advertisement designs and price changes whenever and as often as needed. Having the Dealer Network marketing team handle all your graphics and marketing material requests saves expensive payroll or costly outside services.

The value of the America’s Best Choice Dealer marketing team is giving you the needed resources to run your business as if it were a $100,000,000.00 company. Think of the possibilities!

America's Best Choice


Negotiating the right deal for the America’s Best Choice Dealer Network doesn’t necessarily mean finding low quality products at the cheapest possible price. All your Dealer Network products are name brand products of the “highest quality”. All Dealer Network products are delivered direct to your location. This avoids the added cost of purchasing through supply or distribution and having to pick them up or pay for shipping.

Many of our suppliers will private label their products for the Dealer Network. When available, your private label product gives you an advantage over your competition due to the brand loyalty of a nationally recognized America’s Best Choice name.

Our Dealer Network gives you direct access to the manufacturing partners manual or on-line order entry systems. You’ll have manufacturing partners direct contact for all product support including order entry, custom orders, billing questions, shipping and receiving, product service and warranty. 

As part of the America’s Best Choice Dealer Network, your purchasing power is a license to purchase power! That power leads to powerful success and profits!

America's Best Choice

No Inventory Required

Our America’s Best Choice Dealers maintain a zero-inventory business that helps you decrease your cost and maximize your cash flow from the very first sale. Any products you order are purchased after a customer signed their contract and their deposits are paid. These deposits cover the cost of the product and provide operating capital. This is a far better inventory management method for our Dealers just starting out. There are fewer risks involved and fewer funds required by you upfront. Cash flow begins on your very first sale.

As the saying goes, time is money, and wasting time on copious amounts of stored product can cost you dearly. Dealers will be given assistance setting up their location for receiving product. Once they arrive, customers are scheduled for installation and completion within days. Therefore, the least amount of stored product equates to a reduction in risks and storage costs which acts to increase our Dealers bottom line.

Our America’s Best Choice Dealer Network doesn’t sell based on inventory. We inventory based on what’s already sold. Now that’s a profitable cash flow!


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