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Dealer Vinyl Window Program

The Dealer Vinyl Window Program offers superior products through nationwide manufacturing partnerships at direct from manufacturer costs that significantly increase profitability.

All windows offered by America’s Best Choice Dealers are the highest quality products delivered direct from our regional manufacturing partner locations. The windows our Dealers offer are the most technologically advanced products available and come with multiple accessories and options that customers need and want. All products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is transferable. Some include optional accidental glass breakage. All products available carry the Energy Star Most Efficient Mark Rating and have multiple selections for performance glass coverage in all Energy Zones. 

All these product features and benefits combined with the America’s Best Choice name, make our Dealer Vinyl Window Program very competitive and a real advantage in any market when closing the sale.

Dealer Replacement Door Program

Our Dealer Replacement Door Program offers “brand recognition” direct from the manufacturer cost to increase sales and profitability.

The America’s Best Choice Dealer Door Program products are brand name recognized for their exceptional high quality. Products made in the USA and delivered direct to the Dealer location from our manufacturing partner location. The Dealer Door Program offers entry doors, storm doors, sliding doors and swing doors. Door products are available to the Dealer in vinyl, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and composite materials. Our Dealers have access to all the latest finish and feature rich door products. The Dealer Replacement Door Program products carry a variety of Limited Lifetime and Transferable Warranties.

Our America’s Best Choice Dealer Replacement Door Program has every style, option, and feature available to ensure our Dealer wins the sale every time and maximizes their market potential and profitability.

Dealer Composite Window Program

The Dealer Composite Window Program offers a product differentiator against any large national “name brand” competitors at a cost that will insure sales and high profit margins.

The America’s Best Choice Composite Windows are far superior to any other manufacturer’s windows in every way. These windows are the best windows produced in the USA and are available to Dealers by direct delivery from the America’s Best Choice manufacturing partner. They carry Lifetime Transferable Warranties and options for glass breakage warranties. They surpass all requirements for Energy Star Most Efficient Mark Rating and have glass options for performance ratings in all Energy Zones. These are the only true all composite windows and have thermal ratings that reduces energy transfer better than solid wood. These windows give our Dealers a window with a classic wood look that is great for high end or historical replacements and new construction. Every available option needed can be added from blinds between the glass to furniture grade wood veneer interiors.

The Composite Window Program offers Dealers with a great option to sell a very high-end product they can obtain for a very low cost. This program, where available, adds high profit and margin to our America’s Best Choice Dealer Network and satisfies the demands for uncompromised quality.

Dealer Gutters & Gutter Cover Program

Our Dealer Gutter & Gutter Cover Program is an ideal add-on service for most America’s Best Choice Dealers. These Products are sourced locally through Dealer suppliers and are supported by our marketing and sales driven support.

Adding the Dealer Gutter & Gutter Cover Program is simple because it is an inexpensive, quick add on sale available in a wide range of designer colors to enhance every customer’s home. The best aspect about adding the Dealer program is a value-added service combined with other exterior improvements the Dealers sell that’s easily managed and highly profitable. 

To increase the average selling price, many Dealers quote the install of Gutter Covers on existing gutters. Our nation-wide network with top manufacturers and suppliers ensures our Dealers the highest rate of return with this profitable program.

The America’s Best Choice Dealer support for this program get’s a very profitable add-on program up and running very quickly. Our Dealers take advantage of the Dealer Gutter & Gutter Cover Program on every sales visit to the home adding additional revenue to every sale.

Dealer Premium Siding Program

The time could not be better to be an America’s Best Choice Dealer. Being part of the Dealer Premium Siding Program allows Dealers to capture the full potential of any customers needs to completely transform the exterior of a customers home. 

Industry experts project that the next three to five years look even better for the siding industry than the previous two years thanks to favorable demographics and other market indications. These include a rise in home buying, more available credit with market friendly interest rates provided by our lending partnerships. Dealers can take advantage of our supplier and manufacturing partners to offer America’s Best Choice customers the highest quality in vinyl and premium composite siding. This includes all the add-on accessories and options to complete the sale and increase profit. 

All this ads up to tremendous potential for our Dealers given the promising economic outlook combined with the strategic buying power of our nation-wide network of suppliers, manufacturers, and lending partners.

Dealer Decks & Fences Program

Adding a deck and fencing program is a complex undertaking with many options that can add up to a loss in profits. America’s Best Choice Dealer Network Programs have built into the program our help for getting starting that includes sales materials and training, sourcing for sub-contractors, material manufacturers and suppliers. We can even help with adding more profitable options including decorative designs and added wood or stone protections, partial enclosures, sunshades, or pergolas. Being part of our Dealer Network, we will guide you through these challenging steps to ensure that your new business is well planned out and profitable from the start.

Dealer Roofing Program

There will always be houses in the U.S. that need new roofs. Because of this, the roofing market is showing no signs of slowing down. Growth is an average of 2.7% each year (IBIS). The roofing industry is expected to reach nearly $20 billion in 2021 (Market Research). Becoming an America’s Best Choice Dealer and adding our roofing program will generate a steady and profitable revenue stream. The America’s Best Choice Dealer Network team works with each of our Dealers in the program to ensure their team’s success.

Dealer Garage Door Program

Revenue for the Garage Door Installation industry is anticipating strong growth in private spending on home improvements over the next five years. The America’s Best Choice Dealers are taking advantage of this large and visually aesthetic improvement to their customers’ homes that delivers a complete quality value program. From training for sales and operational needs to sourcing supply and installation needs through our nationwide network, we make this work for our Dealer Network as a seamless and profitable add on to their home improvement services.

Dealer Wood Flooring Program

The North America wood flooring market size is expected to reach USD 5.2 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 1.5% from 2020 to 2027. Rising expenditure on expansion, renovation and remodeling of old housing structures is anticipated to drive the market over the forecast period. America’s Best Choice Dealer Network is ready to meet the demand. Our Dealers get fully trained on all aspects of offering a wood flooring program. Including support with our nationwide network of material suppliers and manufacturers as well as local support for install. This is a high growth market with tons of potential for profit.

Our Manufacturing Partners

All America’s Best Choice Manufacturing Partners are selected for their ability to provide our Dealer Network the highest quality products with the best support and warranties in the industry. We negotiate with the Manufacturing Partner, so our Dealers don’t have to. By including the entire Dealer Network into the volume expected by the manufacturer, America’s Best Choice ensures that products are available with all the latest innovations, accessories, and options. All provided at the best pricing. 

Even the largest one location dealer cannot come close to our Dealer Networks product costs and service provided by our Manufacturing Partners. Usually this is a 25 – 40% difference as an average.


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